Designer Handbags at Discount Prices


There is little that polishes up an outfit or completes a look better than a great designer handbag. Whether a contemporary styled purse or a vintage model from a favorite designer, a quality made handbag is both a pleasure to hold and a status symbol of sorts. Acquiescing such favorites may be a bit out of budget for many, given the high cost of high-end luxury handbags. There may, however, be a couple of strategies for those that are willing to go the extra mile to have a designer handbag on their own arm.

If you are one of the fortunate shoppers who lives near a thrift store or resale shop, keep your eyes peeled for some authentic designer handbags to appear on the racks of these unlikely venues. There are some thrift store "outlets" in some regions that have adopted a pay-what-it-weighs system and that put merchandise on the floor as soon as it arrives at the location. The odds of a true luxury handbag sneaking through are very good- as there are few hands on it from point A to point B. Even bags with some flaw or minor damage may be considered good investments, and parts or hardware are easy to find via online vendors. Also, a professional handbag cleaning- generally offered through dry cleaning services- is a great investment for a good bag, giving the bag a fresh look and second life.

Antique malls and consignment booths may also have some lovely purses and accessory items as well; this could be one of the better resources for obtaining an authentic vintage bag. Sometimes a vendor has come into items that they really are not that familiar with, or that they do not see as valuable. In the case of a designer bag, the seller could think that it is simply a bag. Look for obscure styles or outdated markings on some enticing handbags from designers such as Coach, Chanel, or Louis Vuitton.

Rummage and tag sales in the summer months can be equally as fruitful in terms of finding some choice designer handbags. Often the person hosting the sale either does not recognize the brand or designer, or is simply looking to liquidate items at a low cost. Make it a point to stop and check out such sales when you drive by; it could be well worth your while! A savvy handbag fan will know how to spot an authentic luxury handbag from among the fakes, which will avoid disappointment later.

Online merchants and auction sites can be treasure troves for low-cost designer handbags. Seek out auctions where bidders are encouraged to earn "credits" by either auctioning their own items or participating in various activities, tasks, or auctions. Some sellers will relinquish beautiful and gently used handbags to generate more business and action on the site. A seller may choose to give up a vintage bag from a collection; the bidder should have familiarity with the designer or style so that they can authenticate the bag before wasting time and energy on it. There may not be a guarantee asserted that the bag is in fact real.

When looking for low-cost handbags, there is always a risk of running into knockoffs. The tricky thing about this is that those making knockoffs frequently offer some very impressive versions of the real thing. This makes it harder to differentiate the authentic bag from the fakes. There is little that feels quite the same as a true luxury designer-made bag- the leather is more supple, the hardware more resilient, and the quality is top-notch. Stitching and seams will be even and perfect, labels will be even, and zippers will work well without issue. Knowing what to look for in your favorite designer's handbag line will keep you astute and ready to spot a treasure among the many handbags in these cost-efficient venues!